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Why Join the Jefferson County Bar Association?

The Jefferson County Bar Association Board of Directors would like to thank you for your interest in our membership. As a member of the Jefferson County Bar Association, you will receive the following benefits:

CLE Opportunities- The Jefferson County Bar Association offers approximately 10-12 Continuing Legal Education programs throughout the year. These seminars are typically 4 hours and are held on a Friday morning at the Jury Impaneling room of the Jefferson County Courthouse. In addition, our JCYLA and Law Sections hold approximately 20-30 1 hour CLE lunch opportunities each year. 

Dispute Resolution through the Client Attorney Assistance Program - This committee’s primary function is to mediate disputes between lawyers and clients before it reaches grievance status.


Pro Bono Program- The Jefferson County Bar Association participates in the coordination, administration and recognition of Pro Bono efforts through the Coordinator of the Pro Bono Program. If you are interested in providing valuable assistance to members of our community and enhancing the image and integrity of our profession by becoming a Pro Bono Volunteer, contact the Pro Bono office at 409-839-2332.

Lawyer Referral Service- This service is established as a facility for assistance to the general public in securing information. The Lawyer Referral Service receives an average of twelve to twenty-five calls a day. The annual membership fee is $300.00. If you are interested in joining this service, please contact the Bar Association office at 409-835-8647.

Access to a resume file- The Jefferson County Bar Association Office collects secretarial support staff resumes to assist members who need to fill vacancies in their practice.

Community Projects

Social Events

Voting Rights for Bar Association Officers and Directors at the Annual Meeting

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